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Monday, January 09, 2006

Godless heathens

by Jay Allbritton

While the Italian courts work out the issue of whether Jesus exsisted or not, the question of the death of God seems to be re-emerging, at least in Europe.

Catholic columnist George Weigle describes the 'demographic suicide' taking place in Europe. In his opinon, because Europe abandoned its religious moral code and accepted abortion, birth control, gay marriage and casual sex their birthrates have dropped so low that Europeans are dying off.

The implication of this article is that when a society loses God, they lose the drive to go on. Could they not, as Nietzsche suggests, find some other way to define themselves in the absence of God. They may even lose the drive to stop having wars with one another in order to control enough of the world's resources to feed their spoiled, bitchy, bloated populations back home.


stacy sedai said...

for the sake of fine cheese, doc martens, and the ongoing battle of “aluminum” vs. “aluminium”, please join us @ Adopt A European for God (www.fortheloveofgodsavethecheese.com).

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