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Friday, January 13, 2006

Spies lick Bush

by Jay Allbritton

Excellent job by the staff of the Neil Rogers Show--Neil, Eric, Josh and Jorge--for getting Slavoj Zizek's new article up on their site (Courtesy of Smirking Chimp). The article is a pretty profound take on the new season of 24. That's pretty heavy reading for Neil and Co., who, despite their passionate hate for Bush lickers and the war in Iraq, like to keep it light (you gotta play slap Moe).

Despite Zizek's criticism, 24 looks like it's going to be a big hit again. So big, in fact, former movie star Kiefer Sutherland is publicly daydreaming about a 24 movie. A 24 hour long movie seems a bit much. They would have to get Peter Jackson to do it.


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