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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

2245 Dead. How many more?

by Jay Allbritton
Cindy Sheehan was arrested last night before the State of the Union address. I had a television accident and watched the heinous Fox and Family morning crew--who belong on death row--decimate Cindy Sheehan. They said over and over that she had been told not to wear "that t-shirt." I later found out the shirt in question said "2245 Dead. How many more?"

Ms. Sheehan is now telling her story.

According to her she had not been warned about protesting, nor had she planned to protest. She says she opened her jacket because she was warm from walking up the stairs. Security guard Mike Weight roughly dragged her out of the building without asking her to zip her jacket or change the shirt. Weight's demeanor toward Ms. Sheehan didn't change until someone told him who he had arrested.

Why was it necessary to arrest her? I understand that you can't have political messages in the peanut gallery because it would only make an already embarrassing spectacle worse. But how hard is it to walk the nice lady out of the building? You're a real tough guy there, Mikey Weight.


stacy sedai said...

“When the history of the State of the Union is written, no one will remember anything about Bush’s speech. Bush himself will be remembered as the President who compared himself to Martin Luther King while having a peaceful protestor hauled out of the Hall in handcuffs. And Tucker Carlson? Tucker Carlson will be remembered as the guy who compared the grieving mother who lost a son in Iraq to a clansman. They will not stop at anything to smear this woman.” – Rachel Maddow, 2/2/06

but at least the charges against cindy sheehan were dropped, thanks to beverly young’s own t-shirt blunder.

beverly and her rep husband, bill young (r-fl), are outraged at the treatment of both her and ms. sheehan, and they have demanded an apology to both women as well as a review of the bush administration’s utter disregard for first amendment rights and the sanctity of peaceful protest.


just a bit of groundhog’s day humor for my friends at the station.

Station Agent said...

Oh that's a good one. By the way something, Tucker Carlson is barely remembered now.

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