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Friday, February 03, 2006

Did You Get the Memo about the TPS Reports?

by Jay Allbritton
Crooks and Liars has video of Kieth Olbermann's take on the latest Bush/Blair memo to hit the streets. This time we find out that two months before the Iraq War began Bush and Blair were feverishly trying to get the war off the ground come hell or high water.

Bush even broached this hair brained scheme: They would fly U2 reconnaissance planes painted to look like UN planes in an effort to goad Saddam Hussein into firing on them in violation of UN resolutions.

Anyone with a time machine, could you run this info back to 2002 so it can not make a difference then either.


rcubed said...

I like their suits. Blue ties, although both men are wearing different shades, sure bring the whole ensemble together. Every woman's crazy about a sharp dressed man!

Station Agent said...

;) Spiffy War Criminals. Too seductive.

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