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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Guest Column #2: Diamonds: Inside the Bling

by Jay Allbritton

by Stacy Sedai

Special to the Station

How sad and ironic that diamonds are considered a symbol of love when they are so often a memento of war, pain, slavery, and death.

Those who can’t stand to consider a life without the bling may want to check out the friendly alternative of man-made diamonds. I guess we all know what the chemists got their honeys for v-day this year.

By the way something, A diamond is just glorified, less structurally stable graphite. Give me a pencil on a ring any day.

VIDEO: Conflict Diamonds. A Six-minute documentary on conflict diamonds in Sierra Leon.

STREAM: Kayne West - Diamonds from Sierra Leon


matt clark, friend said...

diamonds are forever
they wont leave in the night
i have no fear that they might
desert me...

it is so sad and true that these simple rocks are horded by a select group and then sold for outrageous sums of money. they are a symbol of status, but they are just about as common as glass. its pathetic, thank you capitalism, such a beautiful world you have created.

just for listening pleasure, kanye west has a song about sierra leon on his most recent album, check it!

Station Agent said...

I put up a link to the Kanye West song for those who care to stream it. I said stream.

stacy sedai said...

thanks for the song, guys.

please join me in pioneering a new fashion trend: let's replace "a diamond is forever" with "GIVE GRAPHITE". nothing says loving like a pair of pencil earrings.

BlueButterfly said...

I don't see the purpose of insanely expensive jewelry. As long as it looks nice I don't care how much it costs.

stacy sedai said...

i couldn't agree more, bluebutterfly.

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