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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Help Me Obi Wan, You're Our Only Hope

by Jay Allbritton
President Bush awarded the National Medal of Science and Technology to filmmaker George Lucas Last week at the White House.

That doesn't mean he's gone over to the darkside. Recently Lucas joined Democrats at a town hall meeting to help with the innovation agenda that will be a big part of the Democrats' 2006 platform. At the meeting Lucas subtly compared the Emperor to Dick Cheney. "The Emperor works behind Darth Vader," he said to loud laughter and applause from the crowd of 100 college students and Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons. Best town hall EVER!

Lucas' work was recently slaughtered during a recent House GOP retreat where they screened a parody of Star Wars, cleverly titled Election Wars. Democrats were cast as villains such as Darth Pelosi.

Worst parody EVER.

VIDEO: Jon Stewart covers Election Wars on the Daily Show. By the way something, skip about two minutes to get to the nonsense in question.


stacy sedai said...


i'm with GL: http://hem.bredband.net/b232251/stuff/cheneyemperor.jpg

Station Agent said...

I out Yoda up there to illustrate the absurdity of Republicans being portrayed as rebels. That's a Civil War era anachronism. But I did stick the link to The Chenporer in the post.

Can you find it?

stacy sedai said...

on behalf of star wars geeks everywhere, thank you for the addition.

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