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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

FBI Takes Break From Chasing Terrorists To Nab Suspects In Ryan Adams Leak

by Jay Allbritton
Only 2 percent of cargo coming into U.S. ports is inspected.

But the FBI can spare resources to track down the punks that uploaded 2 songs from an album by indie heartthrob Ryan Adams before his album was released last year.

The pirates face 11 years in prison.

You know, I bought Adams's album, Jacksonville Nights, based on the buzz that leaked MP3 helped create.

I just mention that in passing.

I should have listened to the songs because in my opinion Adams is highly overrated, certainly not worth the 11 years in prison the offending uploaders face or even the ten bucks I forked over for the boring album.

He can, however, pull off a good cover tune.

Adams is a victim in all this, and despite my vicious attack on his puny musical talents, he deserves to be paid for his product. It's the labels that make sure the radio is polluted with unoriginal hacks. I would love to see those assholes ripped off big time. They're smart enough to get a bunch of musicians--who are actually underpaid relative to the bottom line--and use them as "human shields" in this ponderous standoff.

VIDEO: Here's a bunch of photos some U2 fan strung together over Adam's cover of the Oasis smash, "Wonderwall".
VIDEO: Adams at Austin City Limits doing his own song, "To Be Young".


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