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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Heckuva Briefing Brownie

by Jay Allbritton
The Associated Press released a video that clearly shows that President Bush was indeed well briefed on the dangers of Hurricane Katrina.

The video shows Louisiana officials and Michael Brown spelling it out for Bush in a teleconference. Bush is seen promising the officials that he would "move in all resources at our disposal after the storm."

Five days later Bush claimed that no one could foresee the breaching of the levees.

He reiterated that in an interview earlier this week with ABC.

The much maligned, and rightly so, Brownie Brown is seen in the video calling Katrina, "The Big One." Brown's actions following the storm, such as his shrill emails that made it seem like he was too busy to attend to the catastrophe, were utterly unforgivable. Nevertheless, this video makes it clear that the President and head of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff were in the loop and should have been on guard against a nightmare scenario.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is calling for a Katrina Commission. Sign the petition here if you're feeling particularly optimistic. Or don't, because we will not get a real Katrina investigation until we have a real Congress no matter how many people sign up.

VIDEO: Elizabeth Vargas of ABC News interviews President Bush on Tuesday, before the AP video came to light.


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