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Friday, March 10, 2006

MySpace Friend Request : Osama Would Like To Be Added As One Of Your Friends!

by Jay Allbritton
During the summer of 2004, a special forces group raided a remote al-Qaida command center in Pakistan and found a motherlode straight out of Best Buy.

Cameras, laptops, CD burners, etc. all being used to communicate via the same web sites I use, teen-age dork bastions such as MySpace.

It's true. Bin Laden's on MySpace.

He ain't the only one:
I digress.

Bin Laden sends his bodyguards out to local cyber caf├ęs and they send messages for him to operatives around the world.

He is so not in my Top 8 any more.

VIDEO: Bin Laden blooper reel, Family Guy-style. By the way something, we are lucky there's a Family Guy--show creator Seth MacFarlane missed his flight on 9/11.

PICTURED: No matter what, Tom will be your friend.


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