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Monday, March 13, 2006

Thompson Hopes to Lead Poltical Discourse Away From The Dark Side

by Jay Allbritton
The internet is awash with ideas. 29 million blogs are yammering on about something or other. And since the medium is so liberating, often sniping is the preferred tactic over leadership. Everyone does it, left and right, no end in site.

I give in to the darkside as well, and so does a true sith master, the cantankerous Doug Thompson, from Capitol Hill Blue. He's been hammering the rotten fools that run our country since before Al Gore plugged in the internets.

Damn I gave in to the darkside again. I just can't control myself.
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Anyway, In an excerpt from his current rant, Thompson promises to turn over a new leaf:
I'm not a liberal or a conservative, right-wing or left, Republican or Democrat. I'm a gun owner and hunter who believes in the rights of citizens to own and bear arms, a supporter of a woman's right to choose, an advocate of less government and more personal responsibility.

My personal beliefs are a mass of contradictions that defy political stereotyping as, I feel, do the true beliefs of most Americans. So let's put the labels aside and stop subscribing to the unrealistic belief that any political party or ideological position has all the answers to cure America's ills.

In the coming days, weeks and months, Capitol Hill Blue is going to offer what I hope are rational alternatives to the bitter partisanship that grips America today. We're going to offer ideas for reform of a system that I truly believe is broken and beyond the band-aid fixes that are too often offered up as false change.

I'm going to call on friends of colleagues from 40 plus years in journalism and 20-some years in politics and tap their minds and expertise to start, I hope, a new American revolution. And I'm asking readers for rational feedback that avoids the name-calling, flame-throwing and rage. With luck and some hard work, this will not be a revolution of arms and conflict but one of rational debate and a free exchange of ideas, a revolution where reason replaces anger, hope overcomes cynicism and action replaces talk.

America is already embroiled in an uncivil war. Our only hope is to replace it with a civil one.
He's right, emoting into the political blackhole will get us nowhere. Still, the darkside is seductive. I'll be interested to see where good old Doug leads us.

VIDEO: In the spirit of Thompson's call to kinder, gentler discourse, I offer for your viewing pleasure, How Tom DeLay stole Christmas.


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