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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Media Gets Even Sicker--Chris Matthews Licks Tom DeLay

by Jay Allbritton
Harry Shearer monitors satellite feeds of media broadcasts and often finds some very good stuff.

Yesterday Chris Matthews interviewed disgraced, resigning surrender monkey Tom DeLay. Today Shearer has the conversation going on before the cameras rolled.
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MATTHEWS: Thank you for calling me. It was a good thing for me.
DELAY: Was it?
MATTHEWS: Of course it was. We got it on the air as fast as we could. If Shannon had told me there was an embargo I would have honored it but I didn't... You just said to me that if you're on the morning news tomorrow this is something you can use which is fine. She called me and said, "Don't worry, he's not calling to complain." Have you seen this new focus group stuff on the candidates?
DELAY: No I haven't.
MATTHEWS: (seductive whisper) It's great stuff.
DELAY: Really?
MATTHEWS: I'll send it to you.
DELAY: Really?
MATTHEWS: It's great stuff. Hillary, John Kerry, all these guys. All Democrats and how they do. Frank Luntz did it. Hillary did not do well.
DELAY: Really?
MATTHEWS: Kerry did well.
DELAY: You're kidding.
MATTHEWS: I'm not kidding. They didn't like Edwards. They thought he was a rich lawyer pretending to care about poor people.
DELAY: Too slick.
MATTHEWS: They thought Hillary was a know-it-all.
DELAY: Nothing worse than a woman know it all.
MATTHEWS: Thanks. I owe you one. I owe you two.
DELAY: No you don't.
MATTHEWS: I do. Today and last night.
DELAY: I appreciate--
Licky licky.

They call that Hardball?

AUDIO: Matthews and DeLay (via Huffington). Journalism my ass. You suck Matthews.
VIDEO: Matthews has a history of licking DeLay (via Think Progress).
VIDEO: At least when Jack Cafferty rips someone an ass, the cameras are on (via Crooks and Liars).


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