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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Restore the Roar--Why Howard Dean Must Run Again

by Jay Allbritton
UPDATE: Steve from Jan Schneider's campaign posted a comment with some more information on her campaign and her appearance on The Colbert Report. You can donate to her very worthy campaign here.

VIDEO: See Jan Schneider on The Colbert Report. Click on Florida politics.

Joe Trippi did a great job leading Howard Dean's 2004 campaign. He recognized the fundraising potential of the internet, a critical discovery that could eventually make politicians feel comfortable enough to allow more significant campaign finance reform.

Currently Trippi is backing an underdog for Katherine Harris's seat in the House of Representatives. She is off-the-reservation Democrat Jan Schneider. She simply can not be bought. As she told Steven Colbert on The Colbert Report, she only accepts contributions from the citizens, despite the fact that she has to run at huge financial disadvantages. This is exactly what the Democratic Party should be all about.

Yet, Trippi says that no one can compete with Hillary Clinton.

If anyone proved that established, big money politicians can be competed with, it's Trippi. And a bloated, over funded, special interest hugging Democrat is just as bad as a a bloated, over funded, special interest hugging Republican.

I remember what Howard Dean was talking about in the days before the media whacked him. He was talking about regulation and reform. Real reform. He told Chris Matthews on Hardball that a Dean administration would break up monopolies.

Matthews asked which monopolies.

Dean balked.

Matthews started naming monopolies. "G.E.?" he asked.

Dean told Matthews something to the effect that naming the monopolies he would deregulate in the middle of a campaign would be political suicide.

And that was it! Dean was finished right then.

Within a week the endless repetition of his audio-altered scream was all over the networks and cable.

That scream should be the battle cry of a battered, abused citizenry. We need to get Howard Dean out from behind that desk at the DNC and back on the trail. We need the promise that when the next President walks into the White House, that he or she will ask one of the most obvious question in American history. A question that no one has answered--Why does a military contractor want to own a television network?

VIDEO: The motive to crush Dean expands beyond NBC, the entire media monstrosity benefits from monopolies. Check out Fox News Report on "the scream". I can't tell, was that fair, or balanced?


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