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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Al Gore to Fundraisers--Spread the word, I'm Not Running

by Jay Allbritton
Wonkette reports that Al Gore was on the short list to be President of Northeastern University, but the school is going with a different choice.

Good. Hopefully this means that Al Gore has a higher cause in mind--the Presidency in 2008. I have maintained for months that Gore would be running and will win, but I'm starting to get nervous.

If Gore really does want to conceal his desire to be President until the time is right, he's finally done something a bit more convincing than simply denying he'll run.

Time magazine is reporting that Gore has released fundraisers to work for other potential candidates and has asked they spread the word that he's not running.

If that is just part of the act, then Al Gore is getting down and dirty early on.

VIDEO: CNN looks at Al Gore's new movie.


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