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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bill Clinton--"You Have These Kids Dying Like Flies Because They Get No Medicine."

by Jay Allbritton
Last weekend, Bill Clinton joined Dr. Sanjay Gupta on CNN to talk about AIDs and possible solutions to the global epidemic.

During the show Clinton said the following:
If we're going to end AIDS, I agree that we have to keep working on the vaccine, the microbicides, cure and other prevention strategies. There's a sweeping new study that has not yet been validated, but it's encouraging, saying that if a lot of these countries adopted male circumcision, they could reduce communication of the virus by more than 50 percent. ...But meanwhile, to get there and be a humane society, we have to help people live as long and as well as we can. And most of the money has gone to give the medicine to young adults and not very young children. ... You have these kids dying like flies because they get no medicine.Last year in the whole developing world, young children that needed pediatric AIDS medicine, there were 25,000 kids getting it. And a half million died.... If everybody decided that no little kid was going to die, we could close that gap in no time, and we could provide half a million children the medicine.

In some alternate reality, Clinton is getting plenty of funding and vocal support from the Gore Administration on this important moral issue.

VIDEO: President Clinton promotes AIDs awareness (via CNN).


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