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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Did You Know, Because I sure as hell Didn't--Ken Lay Edition.

by Jay Allbritton
The trial of former Enron executives Ken Lay and Jeffrey Skilling ended today at noon when a jury convicted their asses.

Lay was convicted on all six counts against him. Skilling was convicted on 19 of 28 counts.

Dan Petrocelli, Skilling's lawyer, said the verdict "doesn't change our view of what happened at Enron ... or Jeffrey Skilling's innocence."

Actually it does.

This calls for a round of Did You Know, Because I sure as hell Didn't--Ken Lay Edition:

  • Nearly selected Secretary of Treasury in 2000 (wiki). He could have just taken all the money. Someone beat him to it, I guess.
  • Lay was an officer in the U.S. Navy.
  • Lay has a doctorate in economics from University of Houston (wiki).
  • He made one hundred million dollars in 2001.
  • During Lay's tenure at Enron, the corporation paid the campaigns of George W. Bush $550,025--more than any other company.
  • Some say--Greg Palast for instance--that Lay and the Governator conspired to bring down Grey Davis in Caulahfawnuh.
  • There's also quite a debate over whether Lay stayed in the Lincoln bedroom when Bill Clinton was in office.
  • The same lawyer, James E. Sharp, represented Lay in this case and President Bush in the Plame investigation. If it stinks to high heaven, Sharp has represented it in court: Jeb Stuart Magruder, the deputy director of Richard Nixon's re-election campaign, in Watergate and Richard V. Secord, in the Iran-Contra scandal among many other high profile miscreants.

Lay faces 20-30 years, or, more likely, until January 2009, when Bush pardons him on his way out the front door of the White House.

VIDEO: Clip from documentary, Enron's untold story.
VIDEO: Johnny Cash - Folsom Prison.


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