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Monday, May 15, 2006

Law & Order: Ruthless Dictator's Unit--Why Doesn't Saddam Trial = Ratings?

by Jay Allbritton
In six weeks, the two year anniversary of Saddam Hussein's first hearing will pass. Does anyone in America care anymore? At the rate this trial is progressing, the 69-year-old will croak from old age before the Iraqis can execute him.

Today in court Saddam would not enter a plea to the charge of killing and torturing hundreds of Shias.

Saddam, packing a Koran, said the following:
Your honour, you gave a long report. That report can't be summed up by saying guilty or not... This statement cannot influence me or shake a hair of my head. What matters to me is the Iraqi people and myself. I am president of Iraq by the will of the Iraqi people.
The judge entered a not guilty plea for Saddam.

Of all the trials and true crime stories that America has gone nuts for, isn't this trial getting remarkably little coverage?

VIDEO: The BBC's Jim Muir reports on Saddam Hussein's trial.


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