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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Rove Indictment Still in Limbo--It's all Jason Leopold's Fault

by Jay Allbritton
I threw a big damn blog party when Jason Leopold reported that Karl Rove had already been indicted. I threw that story on this blog--WITH a disclaimer that news is still not news until the network assholes say it is--and then I danced and laughed.

Leopold said that Fitzgerald was giving Rove 24 hours to get his "affairs in order". Assuming that started Monday and Fitzgerald wanted to schedule the announcement for working hours, then today still kinda works if you stretch it. In fairness to Leopold, there has been no announcement clearing Rove either.

I still trust Jason Leopold because I can't believe that any journalist would report this information without being damn sure about it. Tick tock, Jason. Tick tock.

I am very uneasy about this, I mean, this is Karl Rove were talking about. He's so damned evil. He could have been baiting Leopold all along in order to screw him at this late, key moment.

Adding fuel to the contROVErsy is this appearance a calm, cool Rove made yesterday.

Now people all over the internet are turning on Leopold as if crucifying him will satiate their bloodlust for Rove.

VIDEO: Clip from the film Shattered Glass. Good film about a bad reporter, not saying that Jason Leopold makes things up... Yet.


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