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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Ask. Tell. Learn.

by Jay Allbritton
They're a bit slow over at the Pentagon.

They still classify homosexuality as a mental disorder. Of course, the medical community--you know doctors--discredited that position in the seventies.

Another memo that just didn't circulate properly.

What America are they defending over there at the Pentagon? Is it the America of 1950 or the America we currently inhabit? Could it be an America that never really existed anyway?

Our military is defending an America where it's okay to have guidelines that call for "retirement or other discharge policies" for members with "disorders" such as homosexuality, mental retardation and personality disorders.

How can people this out of touch culturally defend America? How can they be expected to defend an America they do not understand?

The Pentagon's policy on gay service members is willful denial--"Don't ask, don't tell".

It's clearly "Don't ask, don't learn."

VIDEO: Real Time with Bill Maher--panel discusses homosexuality in the military.


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