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Friday, June 02, 2006

Look, If You Keep Stealing Elections, It's Going to Eventually Cost You at the Balllot Box

by Jay Allbritton
Robert Kennedy Jr. was just on CNN's "The Situation" and was subjected to Wolf Blitzer and some Republican press-bot pretending to have no idea where he comes up with these radical ideas about stolen elections.

What makes the cheap tactics used in Ohio in 2004 or Florida in 2000, okay? How can there be no current or former Republican official that will admit they believe the election was rigged?

Until the Republicans have to pay a price for this, we get to live with statements like this from Diebold's spokesman about a security flaw found in Diebold machines:
It's only a vulnerability to those who would commit a felony.
Of course, how can they ever pay a price if all the elections are rigged?

VIDEO: Kennedy tells tales of old Ohio to an unreceptive Tucker Carlson (via BradBlog).


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