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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Media Fixed? FCC Fixin' to Fix it Again

by Jay Allbritton
Media not corporate enough for you? Fear not, chump. The Federal Communications Commission is fixing to fix the media that's so broke that it couldn't cover two elections that were fixed right out in the light of day or a war that was fixed up so the "oil addicts" in this country could get their fix--nothing to do with Halliburton fixing it's sights on a gigantic payday.

These new media ownership rules will allow companies to own newspapers, television and radio stations in the same city all at the same time.

Of course our trustworthy companies would never fix the information to make them look good or to discredit those who would impose pesky annoyances like human rights on them. Even though ownership of the four biggest megaphones in each and every market in America could really help out a disinformation campaign, but there's just too much honesty associated with capitalism to be suspicious.

You bunch of worriers.

VIDEO: UCSB hosts debate between Eric Alterman and Mother Tucker Carlson on media bias.
VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel's FCC bit. And another one.


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