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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Social Change? Not on Their Watch--Net Neutrality Ad Breaks Up Meet the Press's Lies With Lies of Their Own

by Jay Allbritton
A campaign ad-style commercial opposed to net neutrality ran this morning on Meet the Press. Here's the transcript:
Just when we thought we were going to get a real choice to cable TV and save American families 23 billion dollars along comes Google to blow the whole thing up. Google wants Congress to force consumers to pay for the next generation of the internet. So they don't have to. They're holding TV choice hostage and they call it NetNeutrality.
The ad was paid for by a group called TV4US, which I am about to search, using YAHOO! just to be fair and balanced about it, since these guys hate Google so much.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has an interesting article about net neutrality and TV4US. Here's an excerpt about TV4Us and their website Wewantchoice.com:
Wewantchoice.com is supported by the TV4US Coalition, which includes AT&T, a number of vendors to the telecommunications industry, several minority business associations, civic groups, the National Association of Manufacturers, the National Association of Neighborhoods, the National Taxpayers Union and the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council. TV4US gets money from its business members, not from the community groups, a spokeswoman said.
So they're a front group. Somebody want to back that up? From the same article:
But the National Cable & Telecommunications Association calls the groups pushing the COPE Act "front groups" for the telecommunications companies.

"It's hard to regard them as anything else," said Brian Dietz, spokesman for the cable association. "They were created recently and they get their funding from the telephone companies." He said his group is neutral on the COPE Act.

Cable providers are refusing to carry the ads from TV4US.

"We are disappointed that local cable companies won't carry our advertising," said Kelley Gannon, spokeswoman for TV4US. "That could be perceived as not caring about the consumer."

The ads have been refused because Dietz said they include false and distorted claims.

And now back to Meet the Press, where three of the heads of the big oil companies lied shamelessly as Tim Russert allowed them to do it. And on Father's Day. Tim, how could you? What would Big Russ say if he knew the truth?

Remember, NetNeutrality is about preserving a level paying field where all ideas can be given a voice and people can democratically decide which of those ideas is convincing. Jeez, I wonder why anyone in control of a vast monopoly would want to shut down independent voices on the internet. Go figure.

VIDEO: See the entire sorry ass episode of Meet the Press.


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