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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Crazy in Alabama--Homophobic Liberals Crush Lesbian Candidacy... Whaaaa?

by Jay Allbritton
A political party is pulling out every dirty trick in the book to stop a candidate for the state legislature from becoming the first openly gay lawmaker in Alabama history.

It's the Democratic Party
. Where the f is Howard Dean, Charles Barkley and all the other national figures in the Democrat Party (as W. so annoyingly calls it)?

How the hell are the Democrats supposed to seize the moral high ground against the Abramoff licking Republicans when they subvert democracy in aid of homophobia?

I guess I could spin this and say, well, it's Alabama. What do you expect? I mean it's no Lousiana, but there's no way the national party should let this happen.

VIDEO: Then we look across the aisle and see Katherine Harris. Katherine Harris talking trash about the separation of church and state (Crooks and Liars). Yeah.
VIDEO: Ann Coulter explains the gayness of Bill Clinton.


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