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Monday, September 11, 2006

9/11 Five Years Later

by Jay Allbritton
Crotchety Doug Thompson, comes out retirement to paint the picture of where we stand today, five years later.

Common Dreams has a bunch of 9/11 related material, good for perspective on a day like this:
Eric Margolis: Where We Stand Now
Linda McQuaig: The `War on Terror' Will Turn a Generation of Angry Young Men Against the West
Bill Quigley: "No Clowning Around Weapons of Mass Destruction!"
Norman Solomon: As Others See U.S. -- The "War on Terror"
Laura Kaminker: My September 10th
Simon Jenkins: The Weekend's 9/11 Horror-Fest Will Do Osama bin Laden's Work for Him
John Prados: 9/11 Conspiracies And Cons
David Rosner/Gerald Markowitz: 9/11: Katrina Started at Ground Zero
Danny Schechter: 911 Redux: Where is That Decoder Ring When We Need It?
By the way something, don't turn on the TV today, it's bad.

VIDEO: The scene from Path to 9/11 where they try to tell us all about how Sandy Berger was responsible for 9/11 (Crooks and Liars). Sell stupid somewhere else, Mouseketeers.
VIDEO: Hopefully we'll be in better shape Ten Years Gone.


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