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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Retired British Army Intelligence Officer Calls August Terror Plot Part of Pattern of Lies and Deceit

by Jay Allbritton
I can't imagine why so many people in America believe in conspiracy theories about major events during the Bush Administration. Why, oh, why, would anyone distrust the President and the oh so honest group of people he has working for him?

Perhaps if they didn't fake massive terror plots two months before a national election people wouldn't think so much of the grander conspiracy theories. Well, I guess the "evidence" isn't all the way there yet, but there's something fishy about these guys.

Oh well, until someone who gives a shit gets subpoena power, keep your change tight, people, not loose. Elections are won on the ground, not dangling off the exhaust pipe of a UFO.

VIDEO: Speaking of retired military types, Retired Col. Sam Gardiner says were already in Iran (Crooks and Liars). Keep building that trust W.


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