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Friday, October 20, 2006

Californians Want Arnold Back

by JL
Well, how did we get here? In the state with 43% of registered voters identifying as Democrat and 34% identifying as Republican, a wildly unpopular Republican president, and in the midst of a punishing backlash against Republican politicians nationwide, how did we land a Republican shoo-in governator? Dan Glaister of The Guardian has some answers.

Californians think it's cool to be bi:
"Part of the answer lies in the governor's much-vaunted bipartisanship, his professed keenness to work across party lines and do what is best for the state."
He's free of Bush's influence, he's got star power, AND he's humble:
"Trying to link me with George Bush is like trying to link me with an Oscar."
He's nearly royalty himself, but better:
Responding to his debate opponent's long-winded discussion of minutae, Arnold replied, "I feel a bit like I'm having dinner with Uncle Teddy at Thanksgiving."
Maybe it just comes down to the "wow" factor:
"...[Angelides] has the charisma of a biology teacher. In American politics, for good or bad, you have to have something going on."
Personally, I've had some pretty hot biology teachers.

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