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Monday, October 02, 2006

Rice Issues Weak Denials of Harsh Woodward Allegations

by Jay Allbritton
Condoleezza Rice has some splainin' to do--to the 9/11 Commission about allegations from Bob Woodward via George Tenet that she ignored a terror briefing in July 2001.

Halfbaked from TPMCafe breaks it down:
It certainly is hard to comprehend how she and the Bush administration ignored the terror threat in 2001.

According to this New York Times story Rice refuted Bob Woodward's assertion that CIA Director Tenet had warned her about a terrorist attack but she brushed him off:
It was not unusual that George and I would meet, in a sense, unscheduled--in the White House, especially during such a tense period.


"The idea that I would have somehow ignored that, I find incomprehensible--especially given that in July, we're getting a steady stream of quite alarmist reports of potential attacks."
How many cabinet-level meetings did they have on the terrorist threat before 9/11? If I remember correctly, the first meeting was scheduled for September 14. And during this "tense period," the president spent a good part of the summer in Texas clearing brush.

So what did she do during this tense period?
Maybe she sat around thinking about how she should really read that plan the Clinton administration left behind about Afghanistan.

Or maybe she was buying shoes.

VIDEO: Weird, earlier this month, Condi was warning other people about Afghanistan and they weren't listening to her. What a world!

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