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Friday, November 17, 2006

Penguins--Totally Gay

by Jay Allbritton
I know my penguins, Station Nation. And as much as I hate to generalize, there's a few things about them you should know. First of all, they are very peaceful.

They also tend to be quite gay. A gay penguin ran for president in 2004--no, not John Kerry!

No shit, some species of penguins are so gay they have to be forced to go straight so they don't die off. Begs the question--do gay penguins burn in hell?

Currently, Illinois schools are all freaked out by a children's book about gay penguins (Salon's feature here).

From USA Today (h/t Russ):
A picture book about two male penguins raising a baby penguin is getting a chilly reception among some parents who worry about the book's availability to children--and the reluctance of school administrators to restrict access to it.

The concerns are the latest involving And Tango Makes Three, the illustrated children's book based on a true story of two male penguins in New York City's Central Park Zoo that adopted a fertilized egg and raised the chick as their own.

Complaining about the book's homosexual undertones, some parents of Shiloh Elementary School students believe the book--available to be checked out of the school's library in this 11,000-resident town 20 miles east of St. Louis--tackles topics their children aren't ready to handle.

Here's the bad news, homophobes--a lot of animals are flaming.

From a 1999 Salon story called "The Fabulous Kingdom of Gay Animals":
A zoo penguin approaches another, bowing winsomely. The birds look identical and a zoogoer asks how to tell males and females apart. "We can tell by their behavior," a researcher explains. "Eric is courting Dora." A keeper arrives with news: Eric has laid an egg.

They've been keeping it from us: There are homosexual and bisexual animals, ranging from charismatic megafauna like mountain gorillas to cats, dogs and guinea pigs. There are transgendered animals, transvestite animals (who adopt the behavior of the other gender but don't have sex with their own), and animals who live in bisexual triads and quartets.

By the way something, the baby penguin in the children's story's name is Tango. He's one of ours Station Nation. Accept it!

VIDEO: Matt Stone and Trey Parker introduce the episode where Stan has issues dealing with his dog's homosexuality.

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