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Monday, December 18, 2006

Year End News--You Won, Overlooked Stories, Bubba Tribute, IST Person of the Year Tease

by Jay Allbritton
I plan to do some end of the year blogging--awards, lists, etc. I love it.

Time Magazine got the season started with their big Person of the Year award, and You probably know by now, You won. Good going.

Blue Gal leaves a trail of breadcrumbs to a fun Time Mag cover you can play with over your holiday break.

Here's a fun list of overlooked stories from the fine people at ForeignPolicy.Com (h/t Russ):
10) Hackable Passports
9) What’s Worse Than Bird Flu? The Cure
8) Petro Powers Drop the Dollar
7) The Gender Gap Gets Smaller
6) Iran and Israel Hold Secret Talks
5) United States Funds the Taliban
4) Russia Fuels Latin American Arms Race
3) Bush’s Post-Katrina Power Grab (this one scares the bejeezus out of me, but most everything about this Administration does...)
2) China Runs up African Debt
1) India Helps Iran Build the Bomb, While the White House Looks the Other Way

As for IST's person of the year? Stay tuned, but let's just say the Steagle will be proud.

VIDEO: Though he wasn't my pick, Bill Clinton had a great year with his humanitarian efforts. This clip rocked the formerly free world.
VIDEO: Person of the Year responds.
VIDEO: A panel discussion on This Week about the award. The award they didn't win, I won, not them. Not you George Will.
VIDEO: Another winner suggests Dennis Kucinich. Okay, he deserves it more than me. Only by a little. We'll give him an Icee.

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