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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Madison City Officials May Use Signing Statement

by Jay Allbritton
From WFRV.Com (h/t Russ):
Madison city officials could become the first in the nation to protest a state ban on gay marriage with a strong dissent added to their oath of office.

Madison residents voted 2-to-1 in November against the ban, which passed easily statewide. The city council will consider a plan Tuesday to allow elected and appointed officials to register their disagreement when they take their oaths of office and swear to uphold the Wisconsin and U.S. constitutions.

Officials would have the option of signing a statement saying they took the oath under protest because the amendment "besmirches our constitution." They would pledge to fight to overturn the amendment and to minimize its impact.

Russ writes: Compare this story to Bush's signing statements and the remarks by conservatives! The Republicans and conservatives think it's "a dangerous precedent" and they're (Madison city officials) from "a radical planet".

VIDEO: Democrats in Washington State push for gay marriage amendment.


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