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Monday, January 29, 2007

Scientists to Give Away Drudge's Issue Today

by Jay Allbritton
The verdict on global warming comes down soon.

From the AP:
Scientists from around the world gathered Monday in Paris to finalize a long-awaited, authoritative report on climate change, expected to give a grim warning of rising temperatures and sea levels worldwide.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is to unveil its latest assessment of the environmental threat posed by global warming on Friday.

I would say that nothing pisses me off more than hearing dickheads like Matt Drudge say idiotic shit like, "Where were all the hurricanes last year?" Or, "Half the country's frozen, so there's no global warming."

I single out Drudge because I tuned in to his poor excuse for a radio show just before bed last night when I heard him say that Bush is giving up all "their" issues. He said that Bush gave awayglobal warming as an issue at the State of the Union address and that over the next two years he would gradually give away every issue without a fight.

I see. So partisan issues are to be held onto, no matter how discredited. I even heard Drudge attempt to co-opt the rigged election meme. That's a nice bit of psychological warfare, Drudge--transplant the stolen election "uproar" on the left and just apply it to your party's washout in 2006. Sorry, it's not going to get the job done. You see, if you want to blame the machines, the Democrats will gladly reform the laws and then there won't be any machines. That's how EVERYONE on the left wants it. That's a pretty short shelf life for your shiny new talking point. But I guess you got through another show, there big guy.


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