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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

That Dog Won't Hunt--Cheney Piles It High on Fox News

by Jay Allbritton
On Fox News Sunday, Dick Cheney had the following exchange with Chris Wallace.

Better take this bit by bit:
WALLACE: What do you say to members of Congress who may try to block your efforts, your policy in Iraq? Would they be, in effect, undercutting the troops?
Chris Wallace interviewing himself, invites Dick Cheney to join in. By the way something--far different approach than his Clinton interview.

I digress.
CHENEY: Well, I think they would be. But I think, more than that, Congress clearly has every right to express their opinion and to agree or disagree with administration policy, and they will.
Cheney, In America, we have three co-equal branches of government. Congress has far more than simply the right to express their opinion, you human paraquat.
They haven't had any qualms at all about that. But there's a new element here, I think, Chris, and that is to say, the Democrats have now taken control of the House and the Senate. It's not enough for them to be critics anymore. We have these meetings with members of Congress, and they all agree we can't fail; the consequences of failure would be too great. But then they end up critical of what we're trying to do, advocating withdrawal or so-called redeployment of force, but they have absolutely nothing to offer in its place. I have yet to hear a coherent policy out of the Democratic side, with respect to an alternative to what the president's proposed in terms of going forward. They basically, if we were to follow their guidance--the comments, for example, that a lot of them made during the last campaign about withdrawing U.S. forces--we simply go back and revalidate the strategy that Osama bin Laden has been following from day one, that if you kill enough Americans, you can force them to quit, that we don't have the stomach for the fight. That's not an answer.
The Democrats ran on a clear platform--Change in Iraq and it was more popular than NASCAR, ice cream, Jesus and the Beatles put together. That's called a mandate you impudent rapscallion!

And, by the way something, who is this Bin Laden person you speak of?
If, in fact, this is as critical as we all believe it is, then, if the Democrats don't like what we're proposing, it seems to me they have an obligation to put forward their proposal. And so far we haven't seen it.
We've seen dozens of proposals. They were all acceptable--at least preferable to yours.

VIDEO: BBC on civilian death toll in Iraq for 2006.


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