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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Exit Bizarro World--The New York Times "Must-Do" List

by Jay Allbritton
The New York Times whipped up a list of shit we "must-do" in order to un-do the Bush Administrations assault on the Constitution.
  • Restore Habeas Corpus
  • Stop Illegal Spying
  • Ban Torture, Really
  • Close the C.I.A. Prisons
  • Account for ‘Ghost Prisoners’
  • Ban Extraordinary Rendition
  • Tighten the Definition of Combatant
  • Screen Prisoners Fairly and Effectively
  • Ban Tainted Evidence
  • Ban Secret Evidence
  • Better Define ‘Classified’ Evidence
  • Respect the Right to Counsel
That's all well and good, but there were a lot better lists than this going around back in November when we were all drawing up our wish lists for the new congress. IST political analyst Russ Weiss whipped up this (much more complete) list then.


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