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Monday, March 19, 2007

The Iraq News--Fourth "Anniversary" of Shock and Awe, Bush Speech, Walter Reed, Protests, "Zip It," Frank Rich, More

by Jay Allbritton
I just watched President Bush give a five minute speech on the first four years of the Iraq War. Today's the "anniversary". That's one and a quarter minute per year.

Bush managed to exceed the low expectations he's set for these speeches. Though I just harangued him for brevity, it was a blessing for him and for us. To his credit, he appeared sober. He was dressed. His facial expressions fit the mood; that's to say, he wasn't laughing the whole time like he always does.

So, with Bush's 'big acknowledgment' of the anniversary of Shock and Awe in the history books, here's the Iraq News.
VIDEO: Tony Snow tells Ed Henry to "zip it" about Iraq. "Zip it?"
VIDEO: This week's episode of Meet The Press came from the fucking Twilight Zone. Watch as Tom DeLay and Richard Perle team up on Rep. Sustek (Crooks and Liars). So the indicted and disgraced Tom DeLay and the un-indicted, yet also quite disgraceful, PNAC member Perle are welcomed into Russert's den on the eve of the war's anniversary? WTF, Russ?
IMAGE: Blognonymous has a poignant picture that speaks many words about the American approach to Iraq.
VIDEO: Here's a quick look at Saturday's St. Patrick's Day march on the Pentagon.

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