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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Miers Role in Purge Familiar

by Jay Allbritton
If you've read the book, Bush's Brain, or read Molly Ivins' columns regularly, you know that there's a treasure trove of stories about corruption involving George W. Bush, Karl Rove, Alberto Gonzalez and Harriet Miers during the President's tenure as governor of Texas.

One of those stories, the one where the GTech Corporation won the Texas lottery, involved Harriet Miers pre-emptively firing an official to terminate an investigation. Hey! That's like what happened in the U.S. Attorney purge!

Greg Palast tells the twisted, sordid tale:
In 1999, while investigating Governor George Bush of Texas for the Guardian papers of Britain, I obtained an extraordinary, and extraordinarily confidential, memo to the US Attorney’s office in Austin. It disclosed that, in 1997, Governor Bush secretly suggested to the chairwoman of the Texas Lottery Commission that she grant a contract to the client of a Bush ally.

The Governor’s back-door demand to the Lottery chairwoman was not so easy. Bush wanted the Lottery to grant a multi-billion dollar contract to GTech Corporation. But GTech hadn’t even bid on the contract - and a winner was already announced.

There was only way for the Chairwoman to carry out the fix: fire the director of the Lottery who had discouraged GTech from bidding because of its history of corruption.

The Chairwoman, Harriet Miers, did the deed: fired the Lottery director; Miers then ignored the winning bid — and gave Bush’s favored company the contract, no bidding, in perpetuity.

By the way something, today is subpoena day.

VIDEO: Think Progress has the latest smear job, this one on Chuck Schumer's big conflict of interest. Projection anyone?
VIDEO: PoliticsTV has a clip-dump from Stewart and Colbert, including the hilarious segment with John Oliver, who reports on the White House's strenuous defense of their right to "lie their asses off".


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