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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Blog Against Theocracy Blogswarm Aftermath

by Jay Allbritton
Very proud to say that the Blog Against Theocracy blogswarm was a hit. It exceeded my expectations by a mile and judging by the reaction of the swarm's organizer, Blue Gal, the response was huge. Not bigger than Jesus, mind you, but huge.

Still, at least one blogger was unimpressed by the anti-theocracy swarm.

From Northern burbs' blog:
Is a blogswarm like this effective if, say, a fairly broad-reading blogger doesn't hear about it until reading about it at KAR after the fact?

I kinda feel sorry for people who think we're actually headed for a theocracy. Not a single Christian I've ever met wants one of those. I'd think living in fear of something nobody of consequence is proposing would have to take a year or two off someone's life.

Almost every other blogger I read who had a take on the swarm, even those who tend to be politically conservative, reacted favorably to it. The Christians seemed to understand that the atheists and othe non-Christians mean no harm.

In response to the Northern burbs' blog guy, I would just say this: You're right about the fact that theocracy isn't going to happen here. It could, but it won't, because the people who participated in this blogswarm can do and have done a whole hell of a lot more than blog to stop it from happening.

For example, you may recall the voteswarm last from last November? Same people. They brought their friends and those people brought their friends and so on.

So, no. There will never be a Grand Imperial Ultimate Pope Bush I.

That's exactly the point.


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