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Monday, April 09, 2007

Democratic Round-Up: Obama Gaining on Hillary, New York Moves Up Primary, Richardson in North Korea, More

by Jay Allbritton
I saw this item this morning and decided I was going to talk about the Democratic field in 2008 today.

So, is Al Gore running? Perhaps. According to someone on Daily Kos who saw an item on Democratic Underground it seems as if Dan Rather went on Hardballs with Chris Matthews and implied that Al Gore's trying to lose forty pounds.

So there you have it.

Here's the rest of the Democratic Round-Up:
  • Hillary Clinton maintains a lead over Barack Obama in the first Rasmussen poll of this cycle. A lead of 5 percentage points. That's it? Uh... That is an alarming trend for all you Hillarians out there, Ma. I don't think she reads this blog, but she does love Hillary.
  • Senator Clinton will be glad to know that the New York Primary is moving up to Feb 5. My God that's less than ten months away. Here's some perspective, the University of Florida Fightin' Gators will still be two-time defending national champions when that primary happens.
  • Barack Obama made some money fund raising. You may have heard about that. Michael Fauntroy thinks this means Obama is going to lap the field.
  • A mini-Malkin motivated shitstorm sprung up last week when some complained that the Edwards website was using messages of condolences to Elizabeth Edwards as a means of gathering email addresses for the campaign to spam. Leah at Corrente clears this up.
    What neither story bothered to note was that the feature on the website which reads, “Leave A Message For Elizabeth & John” was there well before the discovery of Elizabeth’s reoccurrence of cancer. In fact, I’d almost used it to leave my own message of support for Amanda and Melissa. Instead, I registered on the website so I could join a comment thread about the blogger issue, and it was perfectly clear that I would be receiving emails from the campaign, which was fine with me.
  • David Mizner writes, "John Edwards and the New Populism."
  • You might think Joe Biden spent some time freebasing cocaine before saying last week that Bush may not veto the Iraq War spending bill. Well, he's certainly out on a limb, but there's some very attractive legislation in this bill that grants the oil people everything they ever dreamed of. If Bush does let the bill stand, know this--it was all about the oil money.
  • Bill Richardson remains impressive this week, succeeding to do something Nancy Pelosi could not do--conducting diplomacy without being demonized for it. Richardson is in North Korea right now attempting to recover the remains of American soldiers killed in the Korean War.
By the way something, if Al Gore does run, caging lists in Florida probably won't be an issue.

VIDEO: Saying that he has no answers, Dennis Kucinich talks about the possibility of a new round of 9/11 investigations because of the lack of credibility of the Bush administration.


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