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Monday, April 23, 2007


by Jay Allbritton
Roumor has it that MSNBC wants to hire right-wing talk host Michael Schmegeggy (this fartknocker right here-->) to replace Don Imus.
MSNBC Says they haven't decided on the replacement and will try out a number of hosts.

First of all, "Excuse me, who?" This guy is nobody. That was a legend you're replacing--an ancient, overpaid, mumbly-mouthed, silly-assed racist-with-a-heart-of-gold legend. This is like following Steve Spurrier with Ron Zook.

Are we at the point where having a TV show is no longer something talented people are trying to get? When the explosion over Don Imus's comments happened, I kinda felt that the question of whether Imus should be fired for his racism was moot because I already believed he should have been fired for his inability to speak. Now I understand. MSNBC really could not get anyone better.


Look, if you really want to hire this idiot, MSNBC, then why not just promote from within. How 'bout Allison Stewart? Too liberal? Whatever. Even Dan Abrams would be a better choice than the one your making.

Why not just give the gig to Tony Snow when he gets back and we can just eliminate all the pretense. Karl Rove can fill in in the mean time and teach us math lessons.

Nicole Belle of Crooks and Liars has some ideas about who could fill the spot:
So here's an idea, Mr. Bill Wolff, VP of MSNBC and Dan Abrams, General Manager: how about trying out media people who will bring in that sought after demographic? People like Sam Seder, The Young Turks, my buddy Cliff Schecter (who has appeared on MSNBC numerous times), or even better, how about MSNBC counter-programming to the egregious FNC's "It's Out There" and create "Crooks and Liars TV" where we connect the dots on cable news the way it hasn't before?
Crooks and Liars TV? Not bad. And what a huge built-in audience they would have. Seder's a good idea too. The taint of Air America's foolish demotion of Seder might actually help his standing. Why would Abrams pass on the opportunity to make AAR look bad?

Crooks and Liars TV would be weird. Would they blog about their show? Would the show talk about the blog about the show? Would other blogs post about that? Then maybe it would confuse the people on Reliable Sources so much their heads would explode. Which would open a couple more spots for right wing talkholes like Schmegeggy.

John Ridley has more.

VIDEO: Here's the man himself in action with Neil Cavuto. Sell that war everyone hates, MSNBC. See how low ratings can get.


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