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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Attorney Purge Small Part of Conspiracy to Steal '08

by Jay Allbritton
Greg Palast has done a maginificent job of showing that the U.S. Attorney's purge is really just a small part of the plot to steal the 2008 election. How preposterous, you might be thinking, we don't even know who's running! We do know who's running. Democrats and Republicans. Rove's plot to steal 2008 is about stealing it for Republican candidates up and down the slate. Over million and a half likely Democratic voters (mostly Hispanics and black soldiers) have been knocked off the voter rolls already. Key element in this conspiracy? U.S. Attorneys in strategic places using targeted prosecutions that would advance the narrative of alleged Democratic voter fraud. Monica Goodling verified that she knew of voter rolls have been purged, and the one who did it was new appointee to the position of U.S. Attorney in Arkansas, Tim Griffin. Why hasn't he been arrested? The cops would be sent to his house by this man:

Randi Rhodes spoke to Greg Palast yesterday. Play this for people.
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