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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Global Warming News--New Report Says Earth Warming Three Times Faster Than Worst Estimates, Bush at G8 Summit, Greenland to Benefit? More

by Jay Allbritton
It's hurricane season in the southeastern United States. Al Gore is on the loose. Summer is just around the corner...

It's time for The Global Warming News:
  • Global Warming is happening three time faster than the worst predictions to date. Wow, that's not at all good. Three times less good than the worst estimates.
  • Are our leaders going to take drastic measures to save us? No. Bush is at the Bilderberg, er, I mean, The G8 Summit today telling the other G7 to blow their greenhouse gas out their globally warmed asses.
  • Furthermore, we'll be cutting half of the monitoring of global warming we do from space. Complaining about it only adds carbon to the atmosphere.
  • Instead of fixing the structural problems with modern society in order to create a stable, sustainable environment, we could just build a big reflector shield.
  • The U.S. isn't the only country dragging its feet on joining the fight against global warming. India says that anti-global warming measures can not come at the cost of the growth of poor countries.
  • This whole global warming business may work out well for Greenland. That's enough of a reason for me to really want to stop it. Those smug pirates that run Greenland are gonna have some choice real estate while the rest of us fight off hordes of starving, pissed off refugees for what's left of the food supply. Sounds like a gift from God to me.
  • UPDATE: Kvatch tells the sad tale of Democratic representatives finishing up the damage started by the GOP.
  • UPDATE: A very rare cyclone hit Oman and is bearing down on Iran. Global Warming or Cheney's weather machine? You decide. "Historical record in that part of the world doesn't go back that far because these types of storms are very, very unusual for this part of the world. It's likely that parts of Oman have never experienced storms like this," said Julian Heming, a meteorologist at The Met Office.
VIDEO: Argentinians, if you were planning on taking the ice bridge home from work, may we suggest an alternative route?


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