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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Lightning Round--Dubya and the Pope, Close Public Schools, Sopranos Fallout, Huckabee on Gitmo, More

by Jay Allbritton
Time for a Lightning Round from the ISTCC:
  • Blue Gal: Dubya doesn't know how to behave in the presence of the Pope. If you have a flair for rhyme, then use it to describe this dope... in Blue Gal's poetry contest. BG has double duty this week, she's doing that other round-up.
  • Les Enrag├ęs.Org: Want the answer for what ails our education system? Obviously, it's closing the public schools.
  • The Aristocrats: Some got The SopranosSusie Bright weighs in on The Sopranos as well. If you're at work, careful when you click on Susie's site, some of her ads show boobies.
  • Blognonymous: The Xsociate and BHFRIK have stepped in for the frog while he chases his muse. Xsociate points out a major fallacy in Mike Huckabee's thinking on Guantanamo.
  • Skip from El Paso: I bet when they signed up for the military in the recruiting frenzy following 9/11 they never thought they'd be guarding massive cannabis fields in Afghanistan from the resurgent Taliban nearly six years later.
finale, some didn't. I think I didn't, but not in the same way that Fox News's John Gibson didn't.
VIDEO: Steve at The Carpetbagger Report brings this Dennis Miller "rant" about Harry Reid to our attention. Miller calls Reid irrelevant, which is a) ironic because who's more irrelevant than Miller, and b) such a boring, cliched insult. I don't want to get off on a rant here, so I won't.


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