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Friday, August 03, 2007

Post Administration Career Opportunities Abound for Gonzales

by Jay Allbritton
Karl Rove blew a proverbial snot rocket at the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday when he failed to answer a subpoena, sending his underling in his stead.

Meanwhile, impeachment proceedings against Alberto Gonzales crept forward.

Columnist Scot Key thinks that New Mexico has plenty of job opportunities that would be perfect for Gonzales.

From The Albuquerque Tribune:
Doctor-patient liaison, University of New Mexico Hospital: Nobody lifts the spirits of a sick person like a visit from someone who cares. The willingness of Gonzales to check in on John Ashcroft (attorney general at the time) when Ashcroft had just undergone emergency surgery speaks not only to how much Gonzales cares but also to how great he'd be at making the rounds at the hospital, checking in on patients when the doctor is too busy or when something needs to be signed.

U.S. attorney for New Mexico: Hey, the job's still open. Let's complete the circle and offer the position to the man who may or may not have had everything, something or nothing to do with freeing up the position to begin with. We could all sing that warm and fuzzy "Circle of Life" song at the news conference.

I think there'll be a few openings at the Wall Street Journal soon. And who could resist the Texas two-some of DeLay & Gonzales doing a show on Fox?

VIDEO: Jack Cafferty asks "should Alberto Gonzalez by fired"?


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