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Thursday, September 20, 2007

What Would Tom DeLay Do?--Dems Play Dead Again

by Jay Allbritton
Consistency means nothing to this media. Unless it's the consistent urge they have to screw the American people out the entire story.

From Kagro X on Daily Kos:

The Filibuster: now painless and more convenient than ever!

Senator Jim Webb's "dwell time" amendment failed yesterday by a vote of 56-44.

Yes, it failed by garnering 12 more yes votes than no votes.

By now, though, most of us are used to seeing this sort of thing. "Everyone knows" that it takes 60 votes to pass anything in the Senate. Because that's how many votes it takes to invoke cloture, and cloture is how you break a filibuster. Right?


But that ain't what's happening.

And it's why you're not seeing headlines today declaring that Senate Republicans cravenly filibustered legislation that would have required that troops deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan get recovery time at home equal to the time spent in combat.

Of course, who can blame the media for doing what the weak ass Democrats continually allow them to do. I know that no matter what Hardcore Harry Reid does the media is going to put the worst face on it, but why not go down fighting? Make these fucks in the GOP go through the motions.

Here's what you do, Harry: Whenever you wonder what you should do, ask yourself, what would Tom DeLay do if he wanted to end the war? Then check and see if it's legal. If it is, do it.


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