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Thursday, November 01, 2007

GOP Too Rich for Colbert's Blood

by Jay Allbritton
CNN.com has an update on Stephen Colbert's campaign for President.

Here's the money quote from this article:
Another council member, Charleston Democratic Party Chairman Waring Howe, was more blunt: "Over my dead body will Colbert's name be on the ballot."
There's a lot of funny stuff in the article. For example, running as a Republican in South Carolina costs $35,000, so Colbie won't be doing that. $35,000 grand for one state? Just as the founders intended!

I wonder if the man behind the Colbert character is getting a little frustrated with the real life hurdles screwing up his joke. Maybe he should get into politics.

VIDEO: Colbert addresses the filing fees on the show. He announces that he will not pay $35,000 to the Republican Party.


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