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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Liberals' Arch-Nemesis Rove Hired by Newsweek

by Jay Allbritton
My girlfriend, who's probably going to read this blog post tomorrow, seriously needs to cancel her subscription to Newsweek. As does everyone else, because those sons-a-bitches just hired Karl Rove to write for them.

Newsweek tried my patience last year. Now they've driven me over the edge. I don't want that rag mingling with my Netflix filcks in the Ice Station's mailbox.

They say, the Newsweek people, that they're hiring Rove to balance the hire of the Daily Kos guy. They say that guy is our leader. I like that dude (he was good on Charlie Rose's show) and he's a good writer and all, but if he was our leader, he would quit. Of course, I'm not saying he should quit, I'm just saying that all the conservative bloggers saying he's our overlord are funny, but not on purpose.

By the way something, you think Rove will write about how he's helping to steal the next election?

Hey, I just thought of something Rove could write about!


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