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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Republicans Save Cheney Impeachment Vote From Hoyer Block

by Jay Allbritton
I'm watching C-SPAN now. Steny Hoyer's dumb ass tried to block Kucinich's vote on impeachment for Cheney. The Republicans would not allow it to be tabled...

...to embarrass the Democrats! Those stupid fucks! They could not look worse. They're willing to vote for a vote to impeach their own Vice President! I could not be happier. God, I love little Dennis. The system has never looked so obviously stupid, petty and unacceptable. Kick all their asses out!

Come to think of it, I could be happier, but still this ain't all bad.

This is all developing now, and will probably not result in Cheney's impeachment, but cages have been rattled today.

When I heard Kucinich was to be blocked by Hoyer, I called his office.

Went like this:
SOME GUY: Majority Leader's Office.
STATION AGENT: Hey I want Representative Hoyer to allow the Impeachment vote.
SOME GUY: I'll pass it along.



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