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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Republican Field Gives Me the Booboo Jeebies

by Jay Allbritton
Hector Diego, who I blog with on The Walrus Speaks, emailed me a wicked question.
If we had to have a Republican President, which candidate would you rather?

Here's my response:
Romney, Paul, McCain and Huckabee remain. They each represent something I loathe. Romney (cooperate shill), Paul (libertarian!), McCain (Dr. Strangelove) and Huckabee (rank theocrat). If I had to choose... I guess Huckabee. Romney would destroy our economy worse than Bush did. McCain would start a war with Iran. Paul is a lunatic who would destroy what little is left of the social safety net.

I must admit, I am curious about what a McCain presidency would be like. But he's a war monger for real and a neocon to boot and we just can't have it.
I used to think McCain was the best of these morons. But now I'm thinking Huckabee. He's dangerously crazy and in no way am I endorsing any of these boobs. Huckabee would probably end abortion rights by throwing the court way to the right, but at least he seems to get the importance of the poverty issue and he seems less hawkish than most Republicans.

The field is just gross. I was seriously creeped out thinking about it.


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