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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Dole Lashes Out at Limbaugh

by Jay Allbritton
UPDATE: Limbaugh strikes back! Side observation by John Amato: I almost missed this tidbit, but Limbaugh says: “Ask John Kerry how much a great military record helps you in a Presidential race….” What a pig. Google Limbaugh and the Swiftboaters or anything close and see how many times he attacked Kerry’s service record in ‘04 and put it in the comment section.

Bob Dole, who's among the last people one would think John McCain would want speaking out in his defense, lets Rush Limbaugh have it for being such a mean dude.

We've been trying to tell you Bob Dole.

David Knowles sums it up. "He'd rather the country suffer as much as possible over the next four or eight years so that a new crop of conservatives will benefit later. Hooray for the American spirit!"


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