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Monday, February 11, 2008

Snow--Bush Shrugged off Overwhelming Internal Disagreement of Surge

by Jay Allbritton
From The Desert Sun (via Think Progress):
[Snow] praised Bush for increasing U.S. troop levels in Iraq despite widespread unpopularity for the war at home and abroad. He said 80 percent of Bush's advisers opposed last year's military surge in the nation, which still faces an uncertain future.

"Everybody was telling him, 'You're crazy, don't do this,'" Snow said. "You get the chills He's really unafraid to take the hits if he thinks he's doing the right thing."

Yeah. Great. I wonder what would happen if 80 percent of his advisers told him not to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge...

"Meh! Heh, heh, [snort] I like it. I'll jump off the Brooklyn Bridge. Just crazy enough to work."


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