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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ferraro Loses Media War in Landslide

by Jay Allbritton
UPDATE: Ferraro stepped down from the Clinton campaign, defiantly, of course.

Former Vice Presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro has been making a huge ass of herself lately. She claims that Obama is "luck to be who he is" and claimed that he's winning because he's black. Then she adamantly defended her position, accused her attackers of being racist against her and threatened not to raise money for Obama if he's the candidate unless he stops his followers from sending her mean email.

This is the one Democrat that won't cave in, retreat or shut up? Keith Olbermann, who will be specially commenting on Hillary Clinton tonight, reports.

By the way something, Clinton's iconic representation blows. Geraldine Ferraro? What barrel did you scrape her out of? Was Michael Dukakis busy? Think of me and think of horrible landslide defeats is not the persona you want at this crucial time, Senator Clinton. You have a nomination to swipe and associating with a clown is not helping.


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