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Saturday, April 05, 2008

McCain's Medical Records are a Trap

by Jay Allbritton
Questions have been raised about John McCain playing hide-the-medical-records. This is all very third season of West Wing. In case you haven't heard, McCain is an older fellow.

Point is, this is a trap. I can smell it. Karl Rove or someone programmed to think like him is setting us up.

Here's how it works: We make a stink about this for eight months. It builds to the point where it's actually getting press. Like the Clinton tax return story but way bigger. Then the records get released with a few weeks to go before the election, and holy crap, some paid off doctor signs a report that says that McCain's got the body of a sixteen-year-old Swedish boy.

It's a trap. No need to feed the story. Message sent. McCain's old. Leno's got it covered.


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